Changing Your Accountant

Your accountant plays a key role in your business, and there are various reasons why you may need to change accountant.

  • You have outgrown the firm you are currently with and need a greater level of support
  • You are unhappy with the level of service
  • You don’t believe you are getting value for money for the services provided
  • You have been given poor advice leading to regulatory problems
  • Your accountant is just not available
  • Your accountant is retiring

If you do decide to change accountant just check you are not tied by any agreement as you want your existing accountant to fully cooperate with your requests when changing over.

Consider the timing of the switch. Ideally you will want to choose a date when there is little active business between you and your existing accountant. We can advise you of the most appropriate time to change.

Accounting Innovations would be happy to discuss your specific requirements for a new accountant, call us now on 023 8062 0050

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